Monday, June 23, 2008


I know, I've blogged twice in one week! It's a miracle!! Especially considering how long this blog has remained virtually dormant. 

Though this post will be brief. I have two things to announce.

1) Many of our close friends already know this but I figure it's about time to tell everyone - officially - Jordan and I will be moving out of our parents house in the next two weeks. We're going to be moving in 10 minutes away with a single lady in our church body who has an extra room and bathroom in her apartment. We're excited and nervous all at once! In the past month God has just made it increasingly apparent that this is what we're supposed to do and we trust that He will be faithful to see us through all the changes and transitions we'll be making...

2) Lauren, Jordan and I are going to attempt to "video blog" this summer. We were discussing this evening how none of us have much time these days to sit down and type out all the things that are happening in our lives, all the things that God is revealing. It's a lot easier to say it than it is to type it out. Since we all have webcams and/or digital cameras we figured it shouldn't be all that difficult. So... yes it's going to be awkward at first, but we hope you guys will give us grace in that respect.. and don't laugh too hard!! Haha.. Those of you who like the idea are more than welcome to join us in this! We hope that it'll catch on, but we'll just have to see.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Have you guys noticed that among our circle of friends the phrase, "God is doing a lot right now." has become an almost cliché generalization at this point? I've been guilty of saying it far too often myself, not knowing how to sum up in a couple of sentences the things that are happening so deeply inside me that there almost can be no words. Unfortunately right now you're going to have to live with the generalizations.. I'm trying to keep them to a minimum but if you know me you know what I'm talking about. Haha..
At the beginning of this year God made it very clear to us ("us" being my sister and I in particular) that we are going to do a lot of growing up, in more ways than one. As I reflect over the last 6 months I can see where some of that has taken place. I determined early on that the Lord was going to allow me to stay just uncomfortable enough not to stay where I was at, but to continue pressing forward in Him. Uncomfortable is an understatement. He has pushed and shoved on me until my old "comfort zones" no longer exist. It's been encouraging though because in the process He has changed my heart, my mind, even my train of thought and emotions. The way I react to things now is totally different from the way I did 6 months ago. I will never cease to be amazed when I suddenly realize, "Wow.. He changed me and I didn't even know it.. He is faithful."
Though this is only the beginning. I'm about to go through one of the biggest "growth spurts" of my life, and I can already feel the growing pains. Life as I know it is about change. Drastically. I can't even begin to anticipate all the things I'll be facing in the coming months. But one thing I know beyond a shadow is that "His mercy endures forever!" If the Lord has shown me anything recently it's that He gives us the grace to get through each moment as we approach it. I can't ask for any more than that.
He IS the God "Who remembered us in our lowly state, For His mercy endures forever; And rescued us from our enemies, For His mercy endures forever; Who gives food to all flesh, For His mercy endures forever; Oh give thanks to the God of Heaven, For His mercy endures forever!" Psalm 136