Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dos Mas Minutos Por Favor..

I have decided that since it's so easy to put pictures in here with Picasa that I might as well put one up every time I use this computer to blog. This is one that Jordan and I took the afternoon we discovered that my left eye closes slightly more than my right when I genuinely smile.. We couldn't take the picture right because we were laughing so hard. Watch.. next time you see me smile, notice my left eye. It's actually rather amusing when you're not taking a picture of me. BJ's picture of my eyes on his phone makes this blaringly obvious. Ya'll need to make him take it off. It's so yuck.

Sooo... beyond that.. I need to finish my Doctrines of Christ lesson and get ready for the bible study tonight. Be back to finish this when I have more time......

Back! Finally! Five hours later.. I know I'm not the only one who is having her world shaken by the things that God is revealing. I really wish there were more hours in the day and that I wouldn't be so exhausted after just 16 of being awake. That way I could cram loads of fellowship in with hours of being able to study and read the word then hash these things over with the people that I know will help bring them into more light. Jordan's concept of one light joining with others and making an even bigger light really does work! I've seen it a lot the past two days. We can study independently and receive revelation, but when we bring that to a bigger group and everyone shares what they've received it becomes so much larger! There's corporate revelation. It's mind blowing! It happened Tuesday night, and again tonight. As I sit there with these women that I love so dearly I gain a different perspective on myself.. even if what we're discussing has nothing to do with me, personally. The light that they bring to my life shows me where God is working in me and how.. Somehow being with them makes it so much clearer where it wasn't before. It builds my faith! I understood what God was trying to tell me, but it just sinks in and spurs me to action when I'm surrounded by the Body of Christ. That's exactly what they should do! The most amazing thing is that it has nothing to do really with them, but who is in them. His presence and power in their lives is evident by the way it effects me. Does that make any sense? Do you understand what I'm saying here? The fact that their very presence nutures revelation is a testimony to God's spirit working in their lives. That would not happen if God weren't moving! I honestly don't know the details of what God is doing in the people I love, I just know it's amazing because it's producing fruit unto edification.. fruit unto holiness. That fruit is multiplying everywhere I go. My faith multiplies with it! Posted by Picasa

Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm such a baby!

I'm a chicken. It's official. A very exhausted chicken at that.. 12 hours straight of being on your feet can really take it's toll on you when you're not used to it. Anyway, back to the point... I didn't talk to my boss today. I was going to talk to her before I left but she was busy and James was still there.. James with his very large ears. (I just pointed my toes. You woulda been shocked at all the stuff you heard cracking just from that simple movement!) I don't know quite what to say to her and how to word it and all that stuff. FYI for those of you who don't know: I have a sales job that "requires" me to lie/bend the truth about the freshness of our product. It's really gotten to my conscience and I have to approach my manager about it. I might be putting my job on the line here.. I won't really know until I talk to her about it. I've been praying all day about it.. now I guess I'll get more prayer time in. That's what those early morning car rides are for. Pray for me tomorrow if you think about it, k?

Ya'll have a good night!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Paper Airplanes

Guess who this is? If he wasn't answering the phone all of the time, then he was holding fussy, tired babies. But isn't she cute?

Well now that I have a blog I've run out of important things to say. I've been reminded the past few days of how much I miss the Dominican. "Yo deseo"... I wish that I could just leave everything and get on a plane. But that would be "dropping out of relationship school" - as BJ so artfully put it! God is teaching me so much, right here, right now. He's bringing clarity and restoration where I never thought there would be any. My faith is being built and I'm not even aware of it. I'm in a place where it is easy to grow in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. The things my heart cries out for are at my fingertips! A true, life-changing relationship with the living God is no longer a fantasy, or something I'll "get around to when I finally get past all this junk in my life". It is tangible! It's real. I wouldn't give this time up for anything.

I'm not making a whole lot of sense, even to me. My thoughts are thrown in the wind and are landing where it leads them... like paper airplanes.. yo deseo... Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 25, 2006

Hush.. Somebody's callin' mah name..

So now we're all sitting around discussing the importance of blogs. And about how Jacob's gonna sleep in his hospital bed tonight. And about Jordan's new job at McDonalds where she gets to wear her bright orange t-shirt.

What is an ingrown hair? I really don't know. I've heard of them but I don't know what they are because to my knowledge I've never had one.

My attempt to transcribe everything coming out of Bob's mouth:
And it looked like a little candleholder and you can just put your hand over it and do the little thing.. they had some other lights that are.. what's the name of that company.. Hey go to! They made.. mayasumo.. they make these wierd lights that you can get and I dont.. It looks like a shiny or.. almost like an egg. When you cut it on, the top part of it comes on and it... dude... Yer looping to nuetral. Another thing I saw! Bulds that'll last for 12 years! And they're LED's. But I mean that's that same light you've seen what they call reveal bulbs. It gives you a whiter light. That's what I put up in the bathroom and I like it.... She won't listen to me either so!... Quit ( to BJ trying to steal the laptop from me)! These are clusters and you can get em in a spotlight and in one that's brigther than the other. One is like a 60 watt bulb.. DOTD.. blah blah blah blah...