Tuesday, November 27, 2007

My Birthday

My birthday was over 19 minutes ago, and I just wanted to say a thank you to all of you who made it so special. I feel very loved. Thank you so much!!

I have to publicly say that I have one of the most thoughtful, sweetest sisters IN THE WORLD! She spent hours on my gift to make it special for me (a recipe book with all of my favorite recipes in it and categorized appropriately). I LOVE YOU!

And to my Mommy and Poppie who bought me a scrumptious dinner. And my momma is making me my gorgeous apron, that I love already!

I'm so glad God gave me friends like y'all!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Midnight Mischief Eggstravaganza

It was a dark and stormy night... Three young adventurers were preparing for their next quest. The quest for the ultimate practical joke that will stamp itself on Thanksgiving memories for years to come. The smell of death loomed near in the form of a blonde wagging tail. But these adventursome girls were not going into the night unarmed. Their arsenal consisted of 6 perloined campaign signs, 1 large TurDanny banner, and 1,152 pastel plastic missles that were destined to make thier way to pines of Shady Allen Grove. They pressed past the fog of horrible scent to the safety of the vehicle and departed.

The roads were slick as they drove through the mist to their dark destination. The time was well past midnight and all in the house was still. As silently as they could the girls retrieved their supplies and began the attack. They charged headlong into their task by forming a line of missles across the middle of the yard. From there they began to scatter them further and further, encroaching on the very edge of enemy lines. In the beginning it didn't look as though they had enough ammunition to make much of an effect, but as they persevered they discovered that there was indeed sufficient supply!

Before they knew it their mission was complete. The three young adventurers smiled slyly and crept away just as their presence was alerted by the fierce night watchmen who was caged nearby. Yet another successful endeavor that will go down in the records of prank history as "The Day the Turkey Came".
(See Jordan and Hollys' blogs for further pictures)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

Every year around this time my extended family typically gathers for a family reunion, whether small or large. Some years we had to rent out an 8 bedroom cabin to fit everyone (and people still slept on couches and in campers), and some years it's just a matter of someone giving up a bed to fit the one family who's visiting. Sadly this year everyone will be sleeping in their own bed at their own homes. So instead of being surrounded by family members we will be surrounded by the memories of holidays gone by.

My mother has graciously relinquished her position as head cook this year with the understanding that none of her recipes be altered. As much as I like to "tweak" things I couldn't dream of altering a Thanksgiving recipe. It wouldn't be the same without those familiar flavors. Tradition has become one of the most comforting things to me about the holidays. Those of you who know Poppie can easily see him praying a sermon over the meal every year. If he didn't do it I think I'd feel like it wasn't Thanksgiving.

This year we'll be celebrating the Harvest with a couple of ladies from our home church and a Nigerian student from LSU. Our house definitely will not be void of love and laughter. Though I can't help but miss all those who are not with us this season, some more than others. My eyes filled with tears this morning while listening to one of those "Home for the Holidays" songs. It's a beautiful, idealistic but unrealistic thought. I comfort myself as Paul did when he said that he was present with the churches in spirit, though not in body. Those parts of our body who are apart from us will not leave our hearts and minds during this time. Every time we remember them we will give abundant thanks, just as Paul did for each of the churches. They most certainly will not be forgotten.

I love you all! Don't forget to stop for just a moment to thank God most importantly for His mercy in saving you! Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 16, 2007

First Frost

I am aware that I have not posted anything of substance lately, and for this I do apologize. I haven't felt particularly inspired, but I promise I will - soon! The Shooks gave me a CD with some awesome scripture centered songs on it and I'm going to post about it soon. (Hmmm.. I like this font much better 2 sizes smaller.)

If you are fortunate enough to live in semi-rural South Louisiana then you know we experienced our first real, true frost of the "winter" this morning. The kind that coats my car in a thin layer of ice. As usual, I dumped half a glass of tap water on my front and back windshields this morning to melt it but found it made it worse! My back defroster was working quite nicely until I doused it. The added water only created a thicker layer of ice that the defroster struggled to melt.

But despite my lack of rear vision I thoroughly enjoyed my drive out of the country this morning. As I drove onto Blackwater Road the sun was just peeking over the trees turning open land into a world of sparkling white. It's the closest thing to snow that we get here, without all the hassle of shoveling. You could tell no one was prepared for the frigid temperatures this morning just by looking at the rooflines. Every roof was entirely covered in frost. When the interior is heated the roofs are framed by an edge of white. We have yet to light our heater yet and probably won't for another month, if I know my father. The house will be warmed with humidity - a large pot of water left to boil gently through the night. I plan on adding different fragrant oils to it this year to give the house a more festive scent.

I almost can't wait until artificial scent is no longer necessary due to the fresh pine filling the living room. I can hardly believe that in only a weeks time Christmas will be out in full swing! But first I get to savor the traditions of Thanksgiving and the memories that surround it. Sadly this year, memories will be all that's surrounding us as none of our family will be visiting this year. I'll be posting more on that as the day approaches.

MMmmmmmm... The holidays put me in the best mood.
(I plan to add a photo to this when I get home this afternoon. Somebody remind me to if I forget.)