Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm Still Here

For those of you who actually check this blog I just thought I'd drop you a note to say that I'm still here. I've thought of many various blog posts in the past month but before I get the chance to blog them, I discuss them with most of the people who care to know what I'm thinking - and by that time, what's the point it writing it down? It'd be a bit redundant.
It occurred to me last night that when I say, "I've been busy" it really isn't made up.. I really am. I realized that I have my weeknights scheduled Tuesday through Friday and usually Saturday. Monday nights are my only truly "open" nights! The time in between is spent cooking, cleaning, running errands, and more recently developing the hobbies usually ascribed to elderly women.. Jordan learned to knit, so I wanted to and taught myself from a YouTube Video. Yet further proof that this is the "digital age". And we are putting together our first puzzle in years.
Another point of interest: I am currently engrossed in reading a little piece of Baton Rouge history. It's a hand-written log book from a Hippie Crisis Call Center/Charity of sorts called "The Genesis House". It was recorded over 35 years ago! My dad actually used to work there and knew many of the people who wrote in it. My American History teacher was a crock so I'm learning all these things about that era as a whole right now - about the Vietnam War, Roe V. Wade, and so on and so forth. Reading this book is like reading a bunch of random diary entries. Some are really funny but others are genuinely heartbreaking.
I hope to do some writing about it. I want to take some pictures of it and post them too.. Some of the entries are really funny. I'm trying to do some research about the things going on in Baton Rouge during that time frame (June through September of '71) but this is one instance where Google doesn't prove to be very useful. I'm grateful for the privilege of having access to the State Library.